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New quark pages.qxd004a Trinity Church, Limerick, 1968004b Trinity Church, Catherine Street, Limerick, being demolishe005 William Street Garda Barracks007 Vizes Field pictured in the 1970sThe Saxone Shoe Company lent its name to the corner on the junct009 Limerick v. glasgow Celtic, Market's Field, 1971010 The honeypot Bar and Lounge, William Street, 1960011 The City Dispensary, Lower Gerald Griffin Street, Limerick012 Old Dominic Street, St. Mary's Park, Limerick013 Athlunkard Street, Limerick014 Lower Cecil Street, Limerick015 Lower Cecil Street, Limerick016 Shannon Street, Limerick017 Limerick Motor Works, Upper William Street, Limerick018 Fishing at Plassey, Limerick019 Spalshing about in Hyde Road, Limerick020 The Grand Canal at the Guinness Depot, LimerickNew quark pages.qxd